Thunder in the Thirties…


Started to question my path but, maybe I’m okay. Maybe I’m on the path I was purposed. It is very possible that this ‘order of a model life’ was more like a slight suggestion. Sounds comfortable and attainable but it isn’t for me. If I actually lived that life, I’d be miserable.

I’m an artist and a bleeding heart. I like surviving the lows and riding highs, then writing about it and picking it apart. I love the experience of being so human and free that I stumble over my liberties. I’m metaphorically swamped with the wind in my wings.

Some days my spirit is just too heavy to soar but then there are times when I check the floor to make sure my feet are still there. Those days are like chocolate at the exact moment you want it. You can hardly stifle your moan of delight and in that moment you appreciate everything.

It could be, that in order to have more days with a bird’s eye view of the terrain, I must stop allowing the weight of someone’s ‘model life’ fantasy to hold me back from my own journey. I’m an artist and in order to express life, I must live it, fully…

I don’t know who this is for but don’t hate yourself because you’re not living the generic plan for life. Take your journey and appreciate it all because you’re not living for yourself. Your story is for someone else.

When in doubt… Keep on livin’.

I’m 31 years old, I work a dead end job and I’m an artist. Life is what it should be and will be amazing… It is AMAZING.