The Swamp

There’s something not quite right about the Swamp behind our house. My younger sister and have lived here for years and yet, I’ve never noticed the eerie presence there, until now. Oh! “I’m sorry how rude of me, please allow me to introduce myself. “ My name Gary Jones and I live here with my younger sister Grace, whose last name is also Jones but you probably knew that already. But anyways back to the story, now this swamp has always been creepy, the wildlife that dwell within don’t seem normal. For example I caught a glimpse of a sparrow literally just staring at me the other day, it wasn’t moving at all and his eyes were dark grey like he was sick or something. Grace and I dread this place since we’ve been in those old house since Mom and Dad passed away.

Grace just told me the other day that she’s heard strange howling noises coming from the swamp at night, but this is Rural Louisiana and coyotes aren’t necessarily common around here. I have to pass through the Swamp in order to take Grace to school every morning and thank god she’s Senior so this is her final year. I’m not really sure what made our parents choose this huge that is smack dab in the middle of a dense Swamp. They left it to us since their parents left it to them, so I guess you can say this house is like a family heirloom. It’s a large traditional 3 bedroom house with a big backyard that has an old swing set that’s probably at least 30 years old. This house itself is maybe about 50 years old. But Grace and I don’t plan on moving anytime soon because this is home no matter how bad it gets. We’re going take a look in that Swamp tonight to investigate the source of these strange sounds. So here we are me and grace at about 7:00pm that night skulking around this spooky swamp. The quietness was very strange and it was a full moon and yet it was still very dark, so I suggested we bring flashlights. The weird thing is as we’re looking around I swear I could hear whispers. I’m not feel too well so we decide to make this short and sweet. As we’re walking I can hear this low hissing noise and I was starting to feel a little faint, my head was ringing but I was determined to finish. I continue to hear whispers and hissing and just then Grace screamed. “There! She shouted “There’s someone standing there!” She pointed out a Black Figure slowly moving closer to us but I couldn’t see anything and I could barely hear here because the whispers were getting louder. There’s something definitely wrong with this swamp as we turned to go back we both dropped into a pit and landed on our backs. I looked up and God is my witness I saw my parents standing out there staring straight at us.



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