The Best Black Movie of All Time Tournament.. coming soon!

Hey There!

Here at The Black Co-Op, we said that we will be doing a tournament every month. We plan to span all sorts of topics: food, music, sports. You name it, and we will put it out there. Honestly, if you give us a suggestion and we like it, we’ll make a tournament of it. And we’ll even give you credit!

After much research, our next tournament is:

The Best Black Movie of All Time.

This was much more difficult that the superhero bracket. Mainly because of the wealth of great black movies. We almost need an NIT bracket as well! It took quite some time to narrow the list to a field of 32, and then balance out the different regions, but here we are. The tournament will start April 12 and run in similar format as the first. Each round will last approximately 4-5 days.

Vote, share, comment, discuss. And check out our FB page for the reveal of each bracket!