Self-Love is critical

Most of us are looking for the perfect relationship, we often look for answers everywhere except for the one place that matters. Its within. We often forget that in order to properly love another we must first love ourselves. When you love self first, you want allow yourself to be hurt by anyone or anything. Once you love self you take care of self and then you will become the best you because you are your own caregiver, who’s better to take care of you then yourself. Practice positive self-talk, when ever you’re about to enter a battle with seemingly insurmountable odds, just weigh the positives first. Before you convince your self you can’t convince yourself you can. Negative thoughts are bad, replace them with positive self-talk and convince you to believe in yourself. Never self yourself short, you’re worthy of the best. Treat yourself, be yourself, love yourself. You have to be your own biggest fan, even if you’re your only fan, that’s perfectly fine, because the only opinion of you that matters, is your own.


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