Ep 174: Momma Trauma feat On The Cloud Podcast

This is the final round before the season finale and this episode is presented by BTKM (Before They Kill Me) A Premonition, a spoken word series by Dejuan J which covers a lot of serious topics leading up to the album dropping in the fall. On this episode of Liquor Talk, Vic is joined by Kesha and Kia, the hosts of the on the cloud podcast for an enlightening conversation. Topics covered were black people and therapy, why are there so many gender wars on social media, why do people feel the need to have a budget while dating, is it a bad thing when people in relationships like or comment on photos on IG, Dr Dre divorce and so much more. Main topic is how to overcome trauma caused by our mothers. Follow the podcast on IG @ liquortalkpodcast. Donate to the podcast via PayPal @ liquortalk or cash app @ $realvj.

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Listen Here:

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