Open Poem To My Black Kings


We’ve always been your warriors
Always been that thing from God that shakes thunder from your skies
To throw your enemies off balance
Yes, we’ve always been your lightning
Always touching down to start fires
We burn for you
We make black love beautiful
We love like sponge
We absorb all they give
All you give
But when you squeeze us
Only the honey escapes
We give you our sweetness
We give you our sunny side up
Until we can’t
And when we can’t
You call us bitter
Too independent
Unwilling to Submit
Unfit to mother
You call out to us after beating us down
And become offended when we flinch
Sometimes warriors are afraid
Sometimes warriors get tired

Sometimes warriors need encouragement
Sometimes warriors need a parade
Wanna see you march for us!
Hear you call yourself a Womanist
Because we go to work just like you
Then we clock out and go to school
Then we go home and raise your kids
Then we do our assignments
Then we sleep if we can
Then we get up and do it all over again
Handling whatever is thrown at us
Because someone has to do it
And the someone is always us.
We’ve always been your safe space
Always been the homie you can confide in
Hide in our hearts
While we keep you warm, away from the world that mistreats you
And honey we don’t mind…
But from time to time
Maybe you could make life a little sweeter for your warrior.
Maybe you could witness her mistreatment and demand better from those of your number who clearly
don’t understand her worth…
It’s not too much
To ask that you give as good as you get
Some days I’m not so sure we’re in the same tribe
Not so sure we’re playing on the same team
Are you on my side?
I burn for you
I tear through the atmosphere

To shake the sky for you
I light the earth for you
I gave birth to you
I am yours to abuse
But I am asking you to cherish me instead
I am your warrior
Without your love, I have no armor
Without armor, I must think quickly
If my mind is busy, I don’t have time to think of a nice way to address your issues
I have a war to win and no protection
So forgive me if I don’t tell you to sit your dumb ass down in a way that makes you feel like a king.
Your majesty, you are indeed my KING
And you hold the key to unlocking life inside of me
But you are so much more than that
Your warriors love you so much more in fact
We only ask that you love your warriors back.

It’s not hard… Please try.

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