One Must Go Intro

You’ve seen plenty of memes asking you to “choose one” or “get rid of one”, we play the game with friends. And you don’t have to spend money ordering a box with cards.

We aren’t gonna spend a ton of time explaining the rules, because you know what? We end up making up our own rules anyway!

But to give you some form of structure, the ways we recommend playing are:

Majority Rules

  • Have a moderator read the card
  • Everybody votes at the same time (click the lettered buttons at the bottom of the screen to show your voting card).
  • Whomever voted for the answer that received the most votes gets a point.
  • Make the loser take a shot or do something silly if you’d like (not required, but we sorta recommend it)


  • Each turn you rotate the moderator
  • The moderator reads the card
  • The Moderator decides their answer before asking for the vote (and keeps it themselves)
  • Once the vote is given, the moderator can allow each player 30 seconds (click the timer) to defend their choice (and try to convince the HNI… umm Moderator)
  • Moderator then reveals their choice.
  • Winners get a point, losers take a shot, so something silly, or do nothing (boooo)
  • The next person then becomes The Moderator

If you see a duplicate card, just click next until you come to a new one (we are working on this!)

Those are the basics, we’ll let you guys sort out the details.

Ready to play? Lets get started

Play Now!

If you are interested in submitting new cards for the game, you can do so here!