It’s time for the Ravens and Lamar Jackson to part ways

So it finally comes out that Lamar officially requested a trade on Mar 2.

 And I am happy lol. Time to finally move on.

 Last year I remember arguing about Lamar’s value if he became available. I kept being told that most teams would be interested. Seattle would take him over Geno! Detroit would move on from Goff in a heartbeat! Lmao.

 This year the same thing. Trade him for 1sts and DK! The colts or the Panthers will surely want him! Miami would bring him home! Lmao

Miami gave Tua the 5th year option. Seattle locked up Geno for 3 years. Carolina traded up to #1. Atlanta used up their cap space on other moves (they still could trade for him if they really want to). Las Vegas signed Jimmy Polo. NYJ are dancing with Aaron Rodgers. The Saints signed Carr. Who’s left Indy?

 I have continually said that limited teams would be interested. And while he may get traded eventually, it clearly isn’t the market that some people thought it would be. Teams were not interested when Lamar was drafted. It would be foolish to believe that each of them changed their minds. Every off-season we get these reports from “anonymous coaches” with negative remarks about Lamar’s gameplay.

So Lamar has requested a trade almost a month ago, been franchise tagged since March 7th and no offers yet? (BuT tEaMs KnEw tHe RaVeNs wOuLd mAtCh)

Question: Would Joe Burrow, Josh Allen or Herbert have gone this long without an offer sheet? I highly doubt it.

But he’s a unanimous mvp! That was 3 years ago. We don’t call Cam Newton an mvp anymore, and he literally had to go to a pro day to try to get a job.

  • Lamar’s declined 3 years straight.
  • Ended the season injured 2 years straight
  • 1-3 in the playoffs.

His Best trait is his athleticism and both season-ending injuries were leg injuries.

I have always stated that I sided with the Ravens during these negotiations. The Ravens have always taken care of the All-Pros that they have wanted to keep. Those all-pros have also always gotten top-of-the-market money. Marlo, Ronnie Stanley, Flacco (yes he had to win the super bowl, but I believe the first offer was a top 10 one, more than Eli?), Mark Andrews. And Roquan Smith.

Mind you that Roquan has no agent, and was traded MIDSEASON. And the Ravens got a job done within weeks. So Lamar can’t get a contract why? I always believed that the ravens had offered Lamar fair value.

And the offer? The second highest guarantee in NFL history. Valued at $250m over 5 years with 133m guaranteed at signing. 175m in injury guarantees. 200m guaranteed by march 2026.

Once the report came out that Lamar turned down 133m he responded with an emoji, or gif or something. And then said it was 133m/3yrs. And then the report came out detailing the actual parameters of the contract.

And then there is a rumor of a “Florida Man named Ken” reaching out to teams on Lamar’s behalf saying that he wants to leave the ravens. What does Lamar do? Of course Tweets a denial. As does Ken Francis. Cool.

But then a day later (if even that) he tweets that Ken Francis is his business partner, with a sizzle video promoting “The entire gym” (which is basically a slim carry-on suitcase with weights and resistance bands).

So you deny the reports and then think its wise to tweet out the relationship between you too?

What happens next though? Both the NFLPA and NFL report that Ken Francis has indeed been reaching out to teams. Resulting in the NFL putting out a memo telling teams not to negotiate with Ken Francis.

So 2 times that Lamar has denied reports that were clearly true.

There was another report about Lamar losing out on a shoe deal because he didn’t have an agent. Of course, Lamar denied it or posted another gif or something . And admittedly, Mike Florio is a bit of an agent mouthpiece. But let’s take a step back:

  • Lamar publicly stated that he wanted to be a billionaire.
  • Lamar has clearly attempted several business ventures (with various uncompleted shopify websites).
  • He’s almost always decked out in designer wear, whenever you see him.

This sounds like the type of guy that would want a shoe deal!

You can choose whom to believe. But virtually everything reported has been shown to be true at this point.

As a ravens fan, I am ready for this to be done. I’m ready to move on and was ready for that last year. This was just based on his play. I just didn’t believe in his arm.

Now combine the negotiations (will we have to deal with this every 4-5 years).

The blatant lies.

Did he quit on the team after he got hurt?

It’s time to remove the band-aid and file for divorce.

Lamar, I thank you for everything. 2019 was a ride. You were a joy to have here for the first 3-4 years.

But I have the Ravens shield tattooed on my arm. Not #8.