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Complete the form below to submit a business that is now CANCELLED within the Black Community. Please be sure to give a reason and supply proof (aka Receipts). This a tool used to spread awareness about companies that are racist and/or have been discriminatory against people of color. This is NOT a forum to post a bad review about a bad experience.

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Below is a directory of businesses that are now Cancelled within the Black Community.

This directory was created to be used as a tool to spread awareness about companies that are racist and/or have been discriminatory against people of color.

We will attempt to vet each and every one of these submissions, so that each company listed warrants being CANCELLED.

Please be aware, this is NOT a forum to post a bad review about a bad experience. Our goal is to expose those companies who do not value us as people, therefore they are no longer allowed to profit from us.

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Baked Goods
Reason for being Cancelled

The CEO of food company Goya is facing an uproar over his praise for President Donald Trump, with some Latino families purging their pantries of the products and scrambling to find alternatives to the beloved beans, seasoning and other products that have long been fixtures in their cooking.

But the controversy is also drawing attention to the mixed political sentiments of Latinos in the U.S. Many of them oppose Trump because of his derogatory comments about Hispanics and harsh policies toward immigration, most notably the separation of families at the U.S.-Mexico border. Hispanics have also been disproportionately hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic and related economic recession, causing them to question Trump’s handling of both.

Ouzo Bay

1000 Lancaster St
Baltimore, Maryland 21202
(443) 708-5818
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Restaurant (Full Service)
Reason for being Cancelled

Black child denied service at Ouzo Bay for athletic clothing, white child allowed.

Two Ouzo Bay managers are no longer with The Atlas Group organization, following a racist incident at the restaurant over the weekend.

Atlas leadership issued a statement Tuesday afternoon, announcing new actions taken after Marcia Grant took her son, who is Black, to Ouzo Bay and was told he was not allowed to be there because he was wearing athletic clothing, which is against the restaurant’s dress code. Grant pointed out that a white family was allowed to eat with a young boy wearing very similar clothing.

The Cycle Mill

169 Frederick Rd
ellicott city , Maryland 21043
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Reason for being Cancelled

Racist Business

Another day of being BLACK in America.
My husband and I went to go and look for a bike for him to ride. We went to the Cycle Mill Bike Shop in Ellicott City. Upon arrival we were greeted by a gentleman outside doing a bike repair the conversation goes a little something like this

Him: How can I help you?

Me: Hello! We are looking to purchase a bike for my husband?

Him: We don’t have any bikes currently under $850, we just sold our last two cheapest bikes

Me: (stuck in awe) Ok, that is absolutely fine!

Him: ok well we have another person in the store right now.

Me: Ok! Again, that’s not a problem!

Him: (proceeds to go talk to another store employee, who then brings out only 2 bikes for us to look at)

Me: come on babe let’s go! How the fuck does he know how much money we have have in our pockets or are willing to spend. I’m not I’m not for this shit today! (we proceed to leave and go to another bike store Lutherville Bikes. At the new store we are friendly greeted and were provided excellent customer service)

Long story short don’t go to The Cycle Mill
They lost out on a sale much greater than $850 and they have now been exposed as straight out racists.

If you need anything bike related head on over to Lutherville Bikes all of the staff there are very helpful and friendly.

Oh and we went back to the store to show them the great purchase they missed out on #wehadtimetoday

Vince’s Crabhouse

610 Compass Rd E
Middle River, Maryland 21220
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Restaurant (Carry Out)
Reason for being Cancelled

Racist Facebook posts