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Become a Content Creator at The Black Co-Op

Interested in joining the best community for black content, The Black Co-Op team?  Are you ready to start publishing great black content such as podcasts, articles, reviews, comics and blogs?

Content Creators should be paid for quality work.

That’s why everyone on The Black Co-Op has an opportunity to earn money from their content!

Blogs, articles, podcasts, fan fiction, even submitting cards to our games all give you opportunities to earn money.

We are looking to reward Black Creativity

This is a community. All of our content is seamless and related. You can have friends and or followers. Just as in any good community, when one house’s value increases it tends to help the whole neighborhood. And if the neighborhoods see an increase in value, it usually benefits each house. So whether you are the neighbor that puts away the trash cans left in the street while the others are at work, and holds your neighbors mail while they are on vacation. Or if you are the one that quickly waves and goes straight in the house, The Black Co-Op has a home for you (although we very much appreciate the neighbors that look after our house while we are on vacay in the Caribbean 🙂 )

No money to join

Staying with the “neighborhood” analogy, there are no HOA fees. The Black Co-Op is free. Whether you are starting a brand new podcast, or migrating an existing blog over, we do not charge. This isn’t some membership site, as we said, it is a community. And we’ll even help with migrating your existing content over (and constantly). The better you do, the better everyone does (and The Black Co-Op as a whole). And the same goes in reverse, the better we do, it helps the content creators individually as well.

What are you waiting for Join Today!

Whether you have an established existing platform, or you are starting out new, there is a place for you at The Black Co-Op. Fill out the application below and someone will reach out to you.