Banned Words Intro

If you love Taboo you will love Banned Words! It’s basically the same thing, but for Black People, and you don’t have to spend money ordering a box with cards. Sorry buzzer not supplied! But again since you don’t have to pay for this game, we think you’ll be alright!

We aren’t gonna spend a ton of time explaining the rules, because you know what? We end up making up our own rules anyway!

In a nut shell:

  • You have 60 seconds to get through as many words as possible.
  • Click the Clock to get started.
  • You have to get your teammates to guess the word at the top without saying any of the Banned Words below.
  • If your team guesses the word or if it’s too tough and you want to pass, click Next Card.

Those are the basics, we’ll let you guys sort out the details.

Ready to play? Lets get started

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If you are interested in submitting new cards for the game, you can do so here!